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If the engine in your Lexus overheats, you might be in for major repairs. An overheating engine can cost a lot to fix, and it can also lead to additional damage to your car. Quite often, major engine problems can be avoided in the first place by properly maintaining your vehicle. If issues do arise and your engine gets too hot, you may notice a burning smell while driving or smoke from under the hood. In either case, you'll want to stop driving right away.

Cooling System Problems

The cooling system includes multiple components that collectively absorb and dissipate heat from the engine. They also transport coolant fluid to and from the engine to help regulate its temperature. There are numerous parts in the cooling system that can develop problems, including getting worn out over time or breaking. Parts that deliver coolant fluid, such as the hoses, can get cracked or develop leaks, which drains coolant fluid from the car. Orange, blue, or green fluid leaks from your vehicle may be a sign of a coolant fluid leak in the cooling system that requires repairs.

Broken Hoses and Belts

The cooling system contains hoses and belts that help move coolant fluid around. The hoses can develop problems over time, such as holes or cracks, that allow coolant fluid to seep through. If there isn't enough coolant fluid in the system, it cannot circulate to the engine to keep it cool. The belts in the cooling system can also break, including the water pump belt, which disrupts the proper flow of coolant fluid.

Heater Core

The heater core is a part of the car's cooling system that helps control the engine's temperature. The heater core can break for a few reasons, including clogged with dirty coolant fluid. If the heater core develops a clog, it won't pass coolant fluid through the system, which in turn makes the engine overheat.

Radiator Fans

The radiator fans work with the radiator to dissipate excess heat from the engine. If they can't remove hot air, however, the engine is prone to overheating. Radiator fans can break for a few reasons, including if their fan clutch wears out. The fans can also stop working if they become clogged with contaminants or dirty coolant fluid. Radiator fans might also break with age.

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