When your prized luxury vehicle needs new parts to restore its original excitement and luster, our dealership is the only resource you need. Our parts counter computer technicians have access to a complete database of late-model Lexus parts to replace anything at all on your Lexus.

Whether you need new bumpers, headlights, sensors, or just power steering fluid, our OEM selection can't be beaten. It is the only complete resource for late-model Lexus parts. We know that these parts are excellent and will give you decades of driving pleasure because our service technicians install the same parts day in and day out.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Ensured Quality Control

The quality of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts can hardly be debated. Lexus has the strongest incentive to ensure quality controls during the production of the auto parts that go into their vehicles. That is exactly what OEM parts are, the parts that the Lexus factory used to assemble the model you're driving. They are guaranteed to perform exactly as they did when the vehicle was brand-new.

Lexus uses the strongest ABS plastics, durable rubbers that remain flexible in all climates, and pressure-forged alloy metals that are strengthened at a molecular level. Aftermarket parts are any other parts that attempt to capture the excitement over Lexus models by copying the parts in third world factories with few quality standards. These parts are often made of low-grade rubbers that feel like plastic, plastics that are cheap and brittle, and inferior metals that can crumble under pressure. The best example of inferior aftermarket parts is a gravity-forged imitation wheel that is made to look exactly like the originals. Gravity-forged wheels are famous for catastrophic failures in normal street use.

Support Backed by Lexus

OEM Brakes and Parts

When you install aftermarket parts in your Lexus, you risk voiding the factory warranty. Not only is the aftermarket part ineligible for warranty coverage, anything that is influenced by its operation also becomes ineligible. This means that entire systems on your vehicle become dead zones that you have to repair out-of-pocket as they fail prematurely or quickly self-destruct. Aftermarket parts rarely come with any warranty, let alone one that will cover parts after they are installed. Our Lexus dealership is able to guarantee some parts installed on your vehicle for up to one year, the industry standard.

Parts Designed for your Lexus

Easy Brake Installations

When it comes to proper fit and stress-free replacement, you will never regret using OEM parts. No one else has the resources to manufacture parts that are guaranteed to interchange with every element of your Lexus. Aftermarket part dealers try to retrofit a single part for a large volume of diverse automotive designs to maximize profits. These mismatched, misshapen, and discolored parts are the object of derision among mechanics. No professional automotive technician wants to work with aftermarket parts because they tend to have higher failure rates and incompatibility problems.



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