Lexus RX 350 Exterior

Lexus RX 350 Maintenance Schedule

Routine service and maintenance for your Lexus RX350 are essential if you're interested in maintaining this vehicle's high quality for many years to come. When you purchase your vehicle from Superstition Springs Lexus, our relationship doesn't end there. Our service department will work closely with you to follow the recommended Lexus RX350 service intervals that you can find in your owner's manual. These intervals include the following:

5,000-Mile Service

Once you've got a feel for your new Lexus, bring your vehicle back in so we can work through some of the vehicle personalization settings. A road test will confirm that everything is still running as it did when you first took home your vehicle, and we inspect things like tire tread, brake pads, rotors, calipers, and top off all your fluids. We'll reset your maintenance reminder and send you on your way until your next appointment.

10,000-Mile Service

Replacing the oil and your oil filter at 10,000 miles is important when you have a new vehicle.

15,000-Mile Service

Your axle shaft boots should be inspected for signs of leaks or tears. Your rack and pinion assembly may have worn out or damaged bushings or bearings that require service. We inspect your steering gearbox, exhaust system, and muffler. Even a simple inspection of your wiper blades and exterior paint is performed before resetting your maintenance alert.

30,000-Mile Service

We perform an oil change, and this will set the tone for the upcoming oil change schedule now that you have a couple of them under your belt. We'll also talk about the type of oil and filter you want to use for your vehicle moving forward. It's beneficial to stick with the same high-quality products for the vehicle's life, if possible. We also inspect your transmission fluid levels, hoses, gearbox, front differential oil, and fuel system. This is an excellent time to replace your cabin air filter to improve your cabin air quality while you are on the road.

60,000-Mile Service

Spark plugs are a necessary replacement item at about 60,000 miles when you're still using the original OEM plugs. We also inspect and service your drive belts.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Superstition Springs Lexus if you would like to find out more about setting up a Lexus RX350 maintenance schedule that will benefit both you and your vehicle.


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