NX 300 Intervals

What is the Lexus NX 300 Maintenance Schedule?

The Lexus NX 300 is a fun and agile car that's fun to drive and ready to perform. Lexus has a specific service schedule that car owners should follow to keep the Lexus running smoothly and as efficiently as it can. You can find your Lexus NX 300 maintenance schedule in the owner's manual that you get with your car. The service schedule suggests mileage-based tune-ups that begin at 15,000 miles. From that point on, your car will get service every 15,000 or 30,000 miles through 90,000 miles and beyond. The NX 300 manual tells you exactly when you need to contact us for service.

15,000-Mile Service

The first service appointment that you should make for your Lexus begins at 15,000 miles. At the initial appointment, you'll bring your car in for a thorough inspection performed by a trained Lexus mechanic. A mechanic will look the car over inside and out to make sure it looks and drives as designed without any visible problems. To make sure your Lexus is performing at its best, our mechanics will change the oil and replace the engine filter. The engine filter catches dirt and debris before they work their way into the engine and mechanical system, which can cause performance issues and reduce the engine's longevity.

30,000-Mile Service

The next service appointment takes place at 30,000 miles. At this appointment, your car will get the engine oil replaced again. The cabin air filter may be replaced as well if the car's vents are producing a foul smell or otherwise don't seem to be producing as much airflow as they should. The belts, wires, and hoses throughout the vehicle are also checked to make sure they are connected and free of rust.

60,000-Mile Service

The 60,000-mile service for your Lexus includes a checkup of the car inside and out. The body is carefully examined to look for signs of rust and corrosion. The tires get balanced, rotated, and have their pressure levels checked to make sure they are not underinflated. Your car may be due for a new battery at this time. Our mechanics will check the battery's strength and make sure it is in top physical condition. The car's timing belt, exhaust system, and mechanical components are checked for safety and longevity.

90,000-Mile Service

At 90,000 miles, your vehicle gets the transmission fluid and engine oil changed. The tires are balanced and rotated if they are wearing unevenly. The spark plugs may also be changed.

If your Lexus NX 300 needs service, make an appointment with our service professionals today.


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