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It can be concerning when your vehicle starts to shake and vibrate when you're stopping the car or accelerating. You may not know the source of the issue or discover that it can become more severe over time. There are a few leading causes to consider to restore its operation. A proper diagnosis from a technician is also necessary to ensure the car continues to be reliable.


The brakes are one of the vehicle's main components that can lead to issues if they're no longer working. Most brake pads last an average of 50,000 miles before they need to be replaced. It's normal to replace the front brakes before the back brakes because they wear down quicker as they bear more of the weight of your car.


Look at the engine to determine if any issues are developing because of a dirty air filter. The air filter can become clogged over time due to a build-up of dirt and grime that accumulates. If you don't replace the air filter soon enough, the engine doesn't get the oxygen it needs to operate smoothly and can make the car shake.

The spark plugs should also be inspected and the connections checked. Look to see if the parts are worn down or look like they need to be replaced. Most spark plugs last an average of 90,000 miles, depending on your vehicle's make and model. Check the owner's manual to determine when you should replace them.


Another part of the car to look at are the axles. Axles are present on the front and back tires and can become damaged if you hit an item while driving if something is lying out on the road. Axles can also suffer from damage if the car is in an accident. If the axles are bent or dented, they don't hold the wheels securely and cause the vehicle to shake.


Many parts of the wheels can make the car vibrate and shake. The wheels can even be loose if the lug nuts aren't tightened, leading to an accident. The steering wheel may feel wobbly, and a loud clicking noise may develop, especially when accelerating. You'll also need to inspect the ball joints, tie rod ends, and wheel bearings to determine if damage or wear is present.

The tires may also need attention if they're unbalanced or are out of alignment. A lack of air in each tire can also cause the car to shake, making it necessary to check the PSI. Uneven wear may also be present on some of the tires.

Reach out to our trusted service team in Mesa to diagnose your car and perform the necessary repairs to improve your vehicle's operation and reliability.


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