At Home Workout  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all heard the phrase "social distancing," no matter where we turn. As we do our best to stay inside and away from the crowds, it's easy to start going a little stir-crazy. Before that happens, check out these five fun ideas you can do while you also do your part to protect others.

1. Give the news a break

Turn on any channel or check any social media platform and you will find the latest COVID-19 updates. However, continuously listening and reading about the pandemic is not good for anyone's stress levels. Experts suggest limiting the time you are exposed to the news to just a few times per day. It's fine to check-in for the latest developments, but don't stay glued to the TV for hours.

2. Tackle your to-do list

We all have a ton of things we wish we had time to do. Well, now there is the time! Don't just sit and binge on every Netflix show that comes your way; instead, jump on that to-list that you usually put off. Even if you only accomplish a little bit every day, you'll feel a lot better about all the time you are spending inside.

3. Keep moving

Social distancing doesn't have to mean total isolation in your home. If it's nice out, take a walk around your block or through the park. As long as you are keeping away from others, experts say it is fine to be outside. You can also pull up YouTube and find free home workouts that can be done in your living room.

4. Indulge in self-care

How many of us have said that we would meditate if only we had the time? Well, you can't say that any longer! Pull up YouTube and learn how to meditate and relax. There are also many apps and websites that provide mindfulness sessions. This is also the time to relax, take a long nap, enjoy a bubble bath, and just focus on good things in life.

5. Take up a new skill

Have you always wanted to learn to sew? Learning a new skill while you are practicing social distancing will pass the time while giving your brain a much-needed workout. So take the time to learn how to cook, pick up a new language, crochet, play cards, or write a story.

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