The introduction of the all-new Lexus app has brought convenience in vehicle management. The app enables one to have comfort at their fingertips. You can start your vehicle, make reservations, and schedule maintenance with a tap of a button. We will look at the Lexus app's innovative convenience and outline the steps to getting started.

Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

Select Lexus models have a trial period for buyers to experience how the Lexus app works to enhance daily automotive trips with a linked technology and a concierge level. The new Lexus app features a stolen vehicle locator system that can be used for up to 10 years. There are also features like Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Emergency Assistance Button, and Automatic Collision indicators. These systems are used for safety purposes.

There is also a service connect used to keep track of the car maintenance status. The Vehicle Health Report will always inform you about the mileage and fuel levels. The Enform Remote lets you lock and unlock the car doors, start the engine and access the vehicle finder all through the Lexus app on your smartwatch, smartphone or devices equipped with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Lexus Enform App Suite

The new Lexus app allows you to use your preferred mobile app through the car's interactive program display. It has a 4GB Wi-Fi hotspot with a trial period of up to 1 year to select Lexus models. Dynamic Navigation gives the ultimate accuracy due to the use of cloud-updates by Dynamic Map.

The Dynamic Route will automatically provide an alternative route on the surrounding temporary obstacles and change conditions with active Point of Interest (POI) searches. The Dynamic Navigation feature is offered on select vehicles and is available for up to the first three years. Afterward, one can decide to continue using this feature.

Getting Started With the Lexus App

The new Lexus app is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Below are the steps you can follow to get started:

  • Download the new Lexus app from Google Play or App Store
  • Select "Sign Up" to continue
  • Create your Lexus account and sign up for completion
  • With a six-digit code sent to your signed email, confirm and verify your account
  • To add your vehicle, use the VIN
  • Ensure that all the doors are locked
  • Begin the new Lexus app
  • Explore the Lexus app capabilities and enjoy managing your vehicle remotely

The use of the new Lexus app requires a simple step to make it successful. The app incorporates safety and maintenance features that can last for ten years. To learn more about the Lexus app or how to get started, contact or visit our Lexus dealership for more information and assistance today. Our professionals are always happy to assist.