Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Basics

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto revolutionize the driving experience by giving you a constant link to your vehicle and smartphone. They integrate seamlessly to provide you with access to your apps and entertainment features no matter where you are, and when you're away from your car, you have a link to your vehicle always, too. By integrating smartphones and cars, you're able to control both your contact list from your vehicle and your vehicle from your phone, an essential innovation in today's high tech world. If you have an Apple CarPlay and Auto compatible Lexus, here's how to get it up and running.

How-To Setup Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your Lexus

Lexus's in-dash technology is called Enform, and CarPlay and Auto are both a part of that technology. The RX just got this technology, so here's an example of how you would set these up in your RX:

  • Go to Menu in your Lexus Enform
  • Select Projection Settings
  • Select Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on or off

One thing you'll learn about today's vehicle technology is that it gets progressively more straightforward. Lexus wants you to be able to set up your vehicles with your smartphone in a way that's one or two clicks and done. If you follow these few simple steps, you're going to have access to your massive collection of CarPlay and Auto tools: Alexa or Siri voice recognition, instant access to your contacts on your phone, and vehicle features like remote start or even warming the vehicle up with just a command to your phone. It's perfect.

Learn More Today

If your specific model isn't quite as easy as the RX's setup procedure, please feel free to contact us and ask for help setting up your CarPlay and Auto features. Our dealership is familiar with each one of our vehicles, and we know which ones are compatible with CarPlay and/or Auto. Lexus continues to add this feature to more vehicles every year, giving you a link to your tech world at the push of a button. For detailed instructions on how to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionality, just call or write to us today. Our team will be happy to show you how to get started with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.