What is Dynamic Cruise Control

Lexus's Dynamic Cruise Control is an innovative safety and convenience feature that makes for more pleasant daily commutes. Your Lexus vehicle has an in-cabin camera paired with a radar system on the front grille that works together to control the features of your dynamic cruise control. With DRCC, you can set a safe following distance, and when your vehicle gets too close to the car in front, DRCC will automatically apply the brakes.

How Using Dynamic Cruise Control Works

The DRCC controls are located on your steering wheel. You can use the controls to set your distance or let your Lexus set the default distance from the vehicle ahead of you. The controls for Dynamic Cruise Control are easy to learn and simple to activate once you know where their positions are on the steering wheel. Some models that have Dynamic Radar Cruise Control include:

  • RX L
  • CT
  • NX
  • ES
  • LC
  • Learn More About DRCC

Some people shorten everything to DRCC, and that makes it much easier to discuss. If you want to know more about how the Lexus DRCC can help you have more comfortable, safer driving experiences, please contact our dealership today for more information. Of course, we'd love to show you how DRCC works up close during a test drive of your favorite DRCC-equipped Lexus. Luxury is great, but it's nothing without safety features. The Lexus brand is a luxury brand that cares about the safety of its customers; thus, we have phenomenal safety systems just like Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Contact us for more info!