HER Certifed with Cathy Droz and Denise Erickson

Her Certified with Cathy Droz and Superstition Springs Lexus

When you first start learning about Her Certified, you will discover that the program stands for three key principles—Respect, Honesty, and Excellence. The careful designing of this program has had the purpose of training auto dealerships about what women want in a car and the service they want to experience. As soon as your customers drive up to the dealership, they have a few things that they want for an experience.

Cathy Droz: How She Can Help

Cathy Droz has made it a project to help auto dealers learn a little more about female customers and how they want to be treated when they pull up on a car lot. This will help them to become an even better sales representative so that they can achieve even higher sales levels. Droz says she built this program with the concept that men think differently from women, and in understanding this fact, they can tailor a sales approach more to women that will allow them to increase their sales.

When you understand the process of how women buy cars differently, you can get more sales. Droz has continued in saying that women want more than the basic amenities like Wi-Fi in a vehicle. In fact, they want to respect while going through with a purchase, and this can help you to do better.

Who is Cathy Droz?

Author, speaker, and accomplished automotive journalist, Cathy Droz says that she has a passion for the automotive industry. Born and raised in New York, Droz bought the family sedan at just 17, and this soon evolved into a 40-year career in the automotive industry. Over the course of her lifetime, Droz has driven more than 500 vehicles, which has given her a depth of insight on these things develop.

Denise Rosenburg: What You Need to Know

When it comes to journalism, you can learn a lot from skilled writers like Denise Rosenburg. In fact, she has written over 50 feature-page articles. At the same time, she has performed hundreds of TV interviews with clients, and she's the type of person who goes the extra mile while helping you to form new neural connections from different perspectives. Many have come to know her as the "Connector," and she has been there to connect individuals of like minds for a perfect union.

Leading Dealership: Automotive Leader of Mesa

When you visit Superstition Springs Lexus in Mesa, Arizona, you will find that you have a wide selection of choices. This dealership has long held to its commitment of making customers happy, and they have a broad category of choices of new and pre-owned Lexus vehicles. Denise Erickson, a specialist with over 20 years in the industry, has chosen to specialize in sales, technology and marketing education.

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