Should I Buy a Hybrid Car?

Lexus ES Hybrid Interior

Hybrid vehicles are those that combine electrical power with gas power. The combination allows for a hardy vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage. If you're wondering if buying a hybrid car is right for you, check out the following five reasons why hybrids can be good buys.

What are some of the Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles?

Lexus ES Hybrid Front Grille
  1. Comfortable and smooth. Hybrids aren't that much different from conventional cars in that they handle smoothly and drive pretty normally. The main difference is that they're not particularly quick as they're not built for speed. You don't need to plug in a hybrid vehicle as it generates its own power during use, and the gas engine is powered by filling up at a gas pump just like a regular car. The car uses power from both the gas engine and the electric motor during use, but the transition is so seamless that you won't even notice it.
  2. Great model variety. Gone are the days where your only choice of a hybrid was a compact car. Hybrid vehicles now come in a wide variety of styles, with almost as much choice as a conventional vehicle. You can find compacts, crossover SUVs and sedans in the hybrid market.
  3. Gas savings. Gas prices fluctuate constantly these days, but what doesn't fluctuate is the extreme fuel efficiency of a hybrid vehicle. Hybrids generally achieve a high number in the city and even more on the highway.
  4. Environmental impact. Not only do hybrids use less gas, but they also emit fewer pollutants than conventional vehicles. A compact hybrid emits 10 percent less smog than a standard compact, and full-size SUVs emit 21 percent less smog than a conventional SUV.
  5. Hybrids are cool. With the trend towards being more environmentally friendly, there's no doubt that hybrids are a hot topic of conversation. You might find your friends, family, and neighbors all interested in your choice of ride.

To find out more about hybrid cars and to see some of the Lexus lineups of hybrids, be sure to visit our dealership. Contact us for current inventory or to schedule a test drive.

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