Superstition Springs Lexus Earns Top Rated Dealer Award

Superstition Springs Earns top Rated Award

CarGurus Continues To Reward Great Dealers

For the 5th annual awards, Superstition Springs Lexus was awarded the coveted Top Rated Dealer Award. This particular award comes from a place that's very near and dear to the heart of what does online: It gives customers themselves the opportunity to rate and review dealers and share their experiences. Then CarGurus goes through the results at the end of each year and hands out the awards to reputable and worthy dealers. It's not just any regular old online award done for the heck of it. It's truly the people of each area speaking out about which dealers you should go to if you want to buy a particular brand of car. Lexus ranks high up on brands on, so it's a particular honor for Superstition Springs to win the Top Rated Dealer Award for selling the beautiful Lexus models they do.

Superstition Springs Lexus A Top Dealer

So what does it take to be a top dealer? Well, for one example, Superstition Lexus frequently receives letters from its customers detailing their experience and how GOOD it was. Imagine that! It's a dealership where customers thank them for the opportunity to buy a car there instead of complaining about the experience. Websites like compile these experiences and ratings so that people have an overall idea of a dealership's quality before they step foot on the lot. Not only does the inventory of new and used Lexus models need to be top quality, but the customer service experience has to be extraordinary as well, never average or just getting the job done.

Other Qualities of Top Rated Dealers

  • Top rated dealers offer excellent customer service and salesmanship

  • Prices are fair and often a "good deal"

  • The inventory is expansive, featuring both value models and classic models that retail for higher than average

  • The finance team at the dealership needs to go above and beyond to make sure that their customers get the financial assistance they need to drive home in the vehicle they want

  • Little flourishes matter too, such as throwing in extra packages to certain models that will enhance the attraction of the vehicle without adding much to the price

  • Likable salespeople that customers truly enjoy buying cars from

And the list goes on and on.

Learn More About Top Rated Dealer Award

If you'd like to know more about Top Rated Dealer Award, just contact Superstition Springs Lexus. They take being rated highly by customers as one of the highest honors in their industry, and they enjoy making those customer experiences better and better every year. If you need to learn more, just contact Superstition Springs Lexus, or you can always read more about the awards and why they're such a big deal online. Sure, there are plenty of awards given out every year, but so few of them are based on what customers themselves are saying about a particular dealership. Superstition Springs Lexus can be contacted by phone, website, or in-person. The friendly sales team is always standing by ready to sell a great Lexus model and make you the next happy customer that is rating them highly on Call them today!

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